Sole domestic supplier of high-quality, industrial grade chitosan

AgraTech, a biotech enterprise, is a producer of chitosan, a specialty chemical derived from crustacean waste, and a R&D company that develops chitosan-based products for industrial, consumer, pharmaceutical, and agricultural markets. Chitosan, a renewable natural resource, is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable material that has many commercial applications. Annual chitosan sales by 2015 are expected to exceed $21 billion. Through its manufacturing subsidiary, KYTOSAN USA, LLC, AgraTech will be the sole domestic commercial supplier of consistently high quality industrial-grade chitosan. KYTOSAN USA has identified a fifteen acre tract of land in the Port of West St. Mary, Louisiana where its chitosan manufacturing facility will be located. Crustacean waste is abundantly available year-round in this region of the state.


Extensive intellectual property, continuous innovation

AgraTech’s R&D facility is located at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where our Chief Technology Officer works with other scientists and engineers developing patentable chitosan-based products. AgraTech has already developed a store of intellectual properties and has secured patents for them internationally. These chitosan-based products, which are in their final stages of development, include a resorbable dental membrane; a permanent water-repellant shield for glass surfaces; and a hemostatic nasal spray to stop nose bleeds. To maximize profitability for each product, AgraTech will either form a production and marketing subsidiary or license it to other firms for a fee plus royalties.