Creating Renewable Biopolymers from Crustacean Shells...

Developing sustainable products to replace petroleum based plastics.

Developing New Products from A Wonder of Nature...

Employing Patented Methods to Produce the Absolute Highest Quality Chitosan.

Bringing a New Source of Revenue to the Gulf Seafood Industry...

Greater demand, Less Waste equals Higher Revenues.

Before now, Chitosan has had a narrow focus of application.


Chitosan in Agriculture

By triggering, eliciting and enhancing a plant's natural means of defense, Chitosan has positioned itself to be the next great phase in the development of a pesticide-free food growth environment. Approved by the EPA, USDA and National Organic Board, with GRAS certification, chitosan is on its way to revolutionizing how plants are protected.

Chitosan in Industry

A natural biopolymer, with a variety of potential molecular structures, this compound - derived from nature - is the talk of the entire academic and industrial world. From creating protective coatings for surfaces, to creating wound covers, to binding fats, and disarming allergens, this material will soon come to touch almost every market and industry.

Where else is Chitosan already in use?

Chitosan, both USDA and EPA Approved, is the agricultural wave of the future.

Chitosan has already been employed to create clothing that is both antimicrobial and odor-resisting qualities.

A natural coagulant and chelating agent, Chitosan makes an excellent environmentally-friendly choice for water treatment

Chitosan, even at very low levels, can put a protective yet edible coating on fruits and vegetables, extending life.

Chitosan holds tremendous promise as both a delivery system for medications and enhancement of supplements.

Employed for decades in the cosmetics industry to deliver moisturizers to skin, Chitosan will always be in vogue.

Chitosan's potential for growth is seemingly endless, and its source local.

Moving Beyond the Commonplace

To date, AgraTech International has focused on the research and development of patentable processes and products from chitosan. With a patented process, AgraTech is now prepared to capitalize on the upper tier of applications for this most amazing biopolymer. AgraTech has no intention of being a commonplace Chitosan producer.

With the process fully developed, AgraTech International is poised to impact numerous industries previously untouched by chitin or chitosan, reaching full production capacity within months of opening its production lines.

AgraTech will focus on the following areas:

  • Production of consistently high-quality, commercial-grade chitosan for use in agricultural, food and cosmetics industries.
  • The domestic production of certified medical-grade chitosan for wound care and related medical and pharmaceutical products.
  • The domestic production of a patented hydrophobic glass coating for automotive and other glass applications.
  • Development of an FDA-approved product for the treatment of epistaxis (sub-dermal nasal membrane bleeding), using Chitosan as its core component.

Also in development are such products as the enhancement of sunscreen with the antimicrobial and anti-allergen properties of chitosan, and a resorbable dental surgical membrane to protect bone grafts used in the process of adding implants.

Improving Glass Visibility

Enhancing Dental Treatments

Expanding Textile Capacities

Defending Crop Health

Advancing Wound Care

The Time is Now for Chitosan...

Step into the future of chitosan

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